Drivers! Be mindful of walkers, runners and bikers!

Many people are heading outdoors to pass the time and stay active during the coronavirus stay-at-home order.


Walking, running and biking are all great ways to exercise and enjoy some fresh air. But it’s important that people keep safety in mind during these activities — especially when doing them on and near public roadways.


“Now is the perfect time to get more comfortable on a bike,” Stroope said. “We have beautiful weather, reduced traffic and more open schedules. It’s also a good opportunity to see what errands might be accomplished by foot or on a bike.”


Some of the top safety tips are:

— Ride your bike on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic. Walk and run on the left side facing traffic.

— Wear a helmet when biking.

— Learn how to use hand signals.

— Use reflectors, lights and clothing to make yourself more visible to motorists.

— Make sure you can hear what’s around you. If you wear headphones while walking or running, leave one earbud out.

— Stick to designated exercise paths and residential roads when possible.

— Follow the coronavirus safety recommendations. Keep 6 feet away from others.