All-Star of the Month

Dularge Elementary
November 1, 2019
A Lifetime of Memories
November 1, 2019

Sophie Boudreaux

Cheerleader    Oaklawn Tarpons

When did you start cheering?
This football season.

Why did you decide to give cheerleading a try?
Because I enjoy dancing and thought cheering would help me with those skills.

How often do you practice?
Three days a week with my team and at home.

What’s your favorite stunt?
Libs and full twist.

What have you learned about teamwork?
Trust my teammates and keep trying.

How do your teammates make practice fun?
We encourage each other and celebrate when we complete new stunts.

What is the best part of performing?
Showing the crowd our new stunts and getting the crowd excited for the football team’s success.

What is one thing you do after a good performance?
We go to Sonic!

What do you do to calm any butterflies while performing?
I talk to Ansleigh or Abigail, our captain.

Who is your favorite sports hero?
Simone Biles

What are you looking forward to doing next in your sport?
Trying out for Captain and starting tumbling classes.

Do you play any other sports?



Always have an adult present when practicing your stunts.

TIP FROM Bernie & Earl

Have an adult call 811 before you dig!

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