Lions, and Tigers, and Kittens, Oh My!

Daniel Lapeyrouse
August 5, 2020
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August 5, 2020

International Cat Day is coming up on August 8th and you can get ready to mark the holiday by checking out some great books about cats and kittens from the library. If you don’t know where to start, here are some of my favorite feline books. All three books are available through the Terrebonne Parish Library System, and you can reserve a copy today at 




The Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon 

Written and Illustrated by A.N. Kang 

Papillon is a fluffy kitty. A VERY fluffy kitty. So fluffy, in fact, that he floats up in the air! Miss Tilly tries her best to get him to not float, but Papillon did not like it. One day, when Papillon was floating around his home, he finds himself floating right out the window and now he is lost. Will Papillon be able to float his way home? 





Mr. Wuffles 

Written and Illustrated by David Wiesner 

Mr. Wuffles is a cat and he has a lot of toys. So many toys, in fact, that he doesn’t notice the new, shiny, silver object on the floor next to them. But soon he takes notice and he is in for a surprise. This wordless picture book is a great opportunity for readers to work together to tell the story of Mr. Wuffles and his new found toy. 


Warriors: Into the Wild 

Written by Erin Hunter 

Rusty is a house cat. He gets feed every day, he gets pets and love from his humans, but it’s just not enough. He wants adventure and he knows it is out there. When he decides to venture into the wild he discovers a whole new world full of rival cat clans, ancient codes, spirts, and more. Will he be up the task to help save his new found family? 


By Naomi Hurtienne Magola, Youth Services Librarian