Reading is a Beary Good Time

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January 2, 2021
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January 2, 2021
By Naomi Hurtienne Magola, Youth Services Librarian

With the winter chill in the air, we all just want to snuggle down with a good book–kind of like how bears snuggle down to hibernate until spring. This month, all of my book recommendations will showcase our furry friends. All three books are available through the Terrebonne Parish Library System, and you can reserve a copy today at

Preschool: The Bear Ate Your Sandwich

Written and Illustrated by Julia Sarcone-Roach

You had a sandwich. Now you don’t. And I have a very believable explanation. Please take a moment and sit down while I tell you the tale of what happened to your sandwich. A small black bear is in the middle of a grand adventure exploring the city and the park, eating berries out of the back of a truck, when he sees it. Your sandwich. We all know what happens next, of course. Or, do we?

K-3rd: Mother Bruce

Written and Illustrated by Ryan T. Higgins

Bruce is a grumpy old black bear who lives by himself. He is not a fan of very much. In fact, he only likes one single thing–eggs. He loves eggs and discovering new ways to cook them. But one day, his new batch of eggs aren’t quite what he expected. When he turns his back on the pan while he’s cooking, he is confronted with something quite unwelcome when he comes back: four tiny baby geese who all think he is their momma.

4th-6th: The Girl Who Speaks Bear

Written by Sophie Anderson

Yanka has never fit in. As a baby, she was found abandoned in a bear cave and, growing up in a small village, her life never got easier. One day she wakes up to find that her two human legs have been replaced by four furry bear legs. Not knowing what else to do, her and a friend take off into the forest to search for who she truly is and to find a place where she fits.