Synergy Cents With Penny D. Pelican | Penny Celebrates the Holidays

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December 1, 2019
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December 1, 2019

Hello, friends! Are you excited about the holidays? It’s my favorite time of year. I especially enjoy exchanging gifts with my friends and family.

When I receive money for Christmas, my parents help me separate it into three jars. The first jar is labeled savings. This is the money I put in my savings account. The second jar is labeled spend. This is the money I use to buy something for myself. The third jar is called my give jar. This is the money I donate to my favorite charity. A charity is an organization that helps people, animals or communities in need.

I love animals, so I donate money to the local animal rescue. Remember, even if you don’t have money, you can give your time by helping others in need. 

On behalf of all of us Synergy, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.