Synergy Cents With Penny D. Pelican | Penny Shares Money Facts

Dularge Elementary School
October 1, 2019
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October 1, 2019

Money is fun to spend and save, but have you ever thought about the way money looks? Study any bill, and you’ll see for yourself that money is a work of art. In fact, it takes a whole team of paper makers, artists, engravers, and printers to produce it!

The U.S. Bureau of Engraving prints our money using high-speed presses that can print more than 10,000 sheets of paper every hour! About 25 million notes or bills are printed every day with a face value of about $560 million dollars. The newly printed money replaces torn or worn bills. A $1 bill is used the most, so it only lasts about 6 years before it has to be reprinted. The $100 bill lasts the longest, usually about 15 years.

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