Femme Natales host Run-About Race Today Honoring 2 year old girl

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November 21, 2021
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November 21, 2021

After a year off due to Covid-19, the Femmes Natales Runabout is excited to announce its return to Thibodaux. The 42nd Annual Femmes Natales Runabout will take place today, November 21, at Peltier Park located at 151 Peltier Park Dr. in Thibodaux.


Femme Natales’s 2021 Runabout Recipient is Thea Marie Rodrigue, daughter of first-time parents Courtney and Sammie Rodrigue. Thea has been diagnosed with Total Intestinal Hirschsprung’s disease. She will have the disease for the duration of her life. However, Thea is described by her parents as a “happy-go-lucky, super active two year old.” The toddler has overcome many challenges in her short two years of life, including multiple surgeries and hospital stays. Hirschsprung affects the development of nerve cells in the gastrointestinal tract while a baby is in utero. Thea has the most severe form of absence of the nerves that are vital to the passing of stool. All of her small and large intestines, except for about a few inches of her small intestine, have nerve cells that are needed to sustain life.


At this point in time, Thea is dependent upon IV nutrition which runs through a central line in her chest. She and her family travel often to Nebraska for a special intestinal rehab program in hopes to adapt what intestines she has remaining, and to get her off of the IV nutrition. IV nutrition eventually can cause stress on her organs, potentially leading to a triple organ transplant in her future. Thea’s family is hoping to extend the time in her life without needing transplant by closely monitoring her with teams in Louisiana and Nebraska, but currently things remain uncertain.


Femme Natales invites the community to join in with their support for Thea. The event will host festivities even if you are not racing, including food, drinks, and music.  “It’ll be fun for the whole family! Your contribution to this cause is sincerely appreciated.”


Event Race Line-Up:

  • 1 mile Fun Run 8:30 AM ( Ages 13+)

  • 1 mile Fun Run Youth 8:30 AM (Ages 12 & under)

  • The 5k runabout 9:00 AM ( Ages 13)

  • The 5k Runabout Youth 8:30 AM (Ages 12 & under)


For more information on the event or to donate, visit Femme Natales website here