Always the Best at La Casa Del Sol

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La Casa Del Sol has continued to provide the finest Mexican cuisine and serve, entertain and cater to their customers in Houma and Thibodaux while also receiving multiple awards since opening its doors in 1976. 

“Today, our mission is to maintain a presence as the pioneers in the South Louisiana bayou region of home-cooked, original, Tex-Mex cuisine. We strive to create a family oriented work environment that allows our cherished employees to offer our customers a fast, friendly and outstanding dining experience. Our focus is on creativity and innovation in the fast-paced and ever changing competitive foodservice culture,” explains the restaurant’s mission statement. 

The restaurant’s signature homemade dishes, imported craft beers, innovation and large selection of tequilas have led it to continuously receive the “Best Mexican Restaurant” award for the area. 

“We are very grateful to have the support of the communities, both in Houma and Thibodaux. We have been receiving this award for many years now. It really shows that we just have that support and the big chains can’t come in and take it away from us,” said Amanda Wood, Chief Financial Officer at La Casa. 

On top of providing excellent food and drinks, the staff at La Casa make sure they provide live entertainment for their patrons on Thursday and Friday nights in both of their locations. 

“I think a lot of customers get used to seeing, a lot of times, the same band on Thursdays in Thibodaux. It brings in a crowd that they feel comfortable with,” Wood said. “Then sometimes when we have new bands, it brings in new crowds too. So it has been really good.”

For La Casa fans that can’t travel to the restaurant, they have a delivery van for their location in Houma which they use to transport big deliveries to businesses. In Houma, they also partner with Serving Houma and Waitr to reach out and deliver to other patrons of the restaurant. In Thibodaux, they also partner with Waitr.

This holiday season, the restaurant hopes to draw in big family gatherings like it does every year for the season. The large, spacious private rooms, family-like atmosphere, available holiday gift cards and excellent customer service make it a popular destination for Christmas parties.  

“Here in Houma, there are servers that we’ve had working for us for sometimes 20-plus years. That’s one of the reasons that we were voted best Mexican restaurant is that here in Houma especially, we have servers that have been with us a really long time, and the customers just feel like it’s a family place—where they know what to expect every time they come in and who they’re going to see,” Wood said. “It just gives them a good feeling.”

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