No "Sur-pies", it’s good!

March 7, 2019
“Taking Leave”
March 7, 2019

Over the past decade or so, the popularity of down-the-line restaurants has grown tremendously along with America’s wants of a quick, customizable food experience. From sandwiches to burritos to poke bowls, these food establishments leave the dining experience up to the creativity of its patrons. 

In recent years, Houma has gained few of these specialty restaurants, one of the latest being Your Pie—a go-to spot for quick, fresh handcrafted pizza. I finally got around to visit the pizzeria, located at 1378 W Tunnel Blvd., last Saturday night. 

The modest appearance from outside the restaurant might give the presumption that the inside is compact, but the interior is very spacious and welcoming. It’s also well-lit and built with more modern/hip design in mind. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the open brick oven behind the serving line keeps the room constantly smelling like freshly baked pizza—a top-notch aroma to me and I’m sure many others. 

There were several people in line before me, but I didn’t mind being it was my first time. There’s a seemingly endless amount of combinations I could have went with for my 10-inch pizza with choices of dough, sauce, veggies, toppings, cheese, meat and dressings. However, don’t be overwhelmed if you have yet to visit. 

The line moved quicker than I expected, and I had to admit to the pizza crafter behind the glass that it was my first time. She didn’t rush me and was helpful as I finally decided on my combination. (There are also “classics” on the menu for those who don’t feel like using their imagination.)

I decided to be a little different and got the pizza with a ranch base/sauce, fresh mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, banana peppers, chicken and bacon. I also decided to put me in an order of the cheese sticks and grabbed one of the white fudge brownies; I got it all to go. 

I waited at the bar area, which made up for its scaled-down size with a good selection of craft beers on tap and impressive wine selection. Enough room and variety to enjoy with a small group of friends. 

The wait for my cheese sticks and craft pizza wasn’t long, and I quickly peeked at my food before going home to eat it. That might of been a mistake as looking at the delicately made, alluring pizza and cheese sticks made me want to devour all of it right there at the bar. But, I exercised patience. 

Later arriving home, I unboxed my meal to find it was still warm and fresh. The mouth-watering cheese sticks were perfectly baked and more on the thin side—but didn’t lack in fulfillment. 

Next, I picked up a slice of my pizza, with my custom garden-fresh add-ons. It made the perfect main course. The pizza—more on the thin side as well—was prepared just as well if not better than the cheese sticks. The rich dough that held my many toppings together was exceptional. My combination might have been random, but my taste buds didn’t mind. All of it together was outstanding. 

Letting some time go by to savor my main meal, I finally decided to consume my treat—the white fudge brownie. It was soft, plentiful and to no surprise, extremely tasty. 

Your Pie of Houma gained another regular customer. 

Celebrate Pi Day (March 14) at Your Pie when they will be offering their 10-inch craft pizzas, various combos and pints of beer for only $3.14 each! •

Your Pie