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It’s the most anticipated day of the week. Taco Tuesday is here but you’re not in the mood for just any ol’taco. In fact, you’re eager to sink your teeth into something unique…perhaps, not at a classic Mexican restaurant at all. Check out our picks for out-of-the-box, crazy good tacos sure to satisfy when that craving comes calling.


Taco Lunch Specials

531 Liberty 

532 Liberty Street, Houma

Our favorite for unique and delicious tacos for lunch on Tuesdays has to be 531 Liberty. While the Mexican-influenced dish changes weekly, some past options we enjoyed back in July included Fried Oyster Tacos, Tune Poke Burrito, and their take on Street Tacos with sliced ribeye steak, onion, cilantro and that extra squeeze of lime.  


Shrimp Tacos

Dominique’s Wine Boutique & Bistro

8013 Main St., Houma

Dominique’s does lunchselections with precision and these tacos are among the best options on the menu. Gulf shrimp are packed into a tortilla, which is then loaded with delicious tomato, cabbage blend, and sriracha ranch sauce. We also recommend adding avocado. If you’re looking for a more refreshing take on the traditional fare, this is your new favorite lunchtime meal.


Key West Tacos

Cajun Bahamas Island Grill

1297 St. Charles Street, Houma 

The fun part here is being able to mix and match three different tacos for one price. Choose from Mojo Fish, Mojo Shrimp, Jerk Chicken or Pulled Pork. The hearty toppings on your first three options include lettuce, onions, jalapenos, mangos, and cheese. Pro tip: order both the cilantro lime aioli and the chipotle aioli on the side. It’s fun to switch up the flavors and see which you like best! The pulled pork comes with Pirate’s Rum BBQ sauce and cole slaw for a taco take on a Carolina sandwich. 


And finally, these are not exactly classic tacos, but definitely worth a try:  

Taco Pizza

West Main Pizza and Spaghetti House

5804 West Main Street, Houma

Searching for that classic taco flavor but not stuffed inside a tortilla? West Main Pizza serves it up in the way they do best…on a pizza. This pie comes loaded with beef or pork, and dressed high with lettuce, diced tomatoes, and cheddar cheese.


Ice Cream Tacos 

Zack’s Frozen Yogurt

1297 St. Charles Street, Houma

The perfect way to end your Tuesday, with delicious frozen yogurt or ice cream and your choice of toppings, neatly wrapped in a freshly made, waffle cone taco shell. Your options are limitless, with ever changing flavors on the frozen yogurt wall and toppings that include fresh fruit or sweet morsels.  


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