Fresh Market by Premier Provides Healthy Selections to Businesses

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Premier Food Group is a Thibodaux-based business that has many extensions including Fresh Market by Premier which offers fresh meal options. 


CEO Grady Verret said Fresh Market by Premier is something they have been talking about for about 4-5 years. They have had contracts that have transitioned from catering meals to the market option. “Having a Fresh Market by Premier on site is such an advantage because it has a diversity in options. Catering provides substance for workers that can’t leave the facility, but it can’t provide all of the options for healthy eating the market provides along with the ‘grab and go’ convenience,” he said.


Fresh Market by Premier offers ‘grab and go’ items and features fast self-service checkouts. The market provides fresh meals and snack options 24/7 to workforces either permanently installed on-site or as a pop-up. The Market offers items such as salads, sandwiches, entrees, and snacks that are freshly prepared in their kitchens by chefs and delivered directly to each location. Verret said the key of the program is fresh food. They have taken insights from their chefs and it led to something better than vending which is a one-dimensional option usually filled with salt and sugar. The company prides itself on the fresh options because it not only is better for overall health, but it is proven to increase productivity to have a well-balanced meal.


Installation of an on-site Fresh Market by Premier gives businesses and campuses the opportunity to feature a convenient market with fresh food, attractive aesthetics, self-checkout kiosks, and a full security system, all while providing fresh meal options. The result for businesses is high-quality nutrition with a better selection of food that creates a happier and more productive personnel.


They try their best to minimize overall waste if the items have extended their shelf life, which Verret says it’s almost impossible to fully be waste-free when it comes to fresh food. However, technology and knowing the audience helps minimize waste. They also partner with local charities when possible to offer food that has not yet been sold.


The company currently serves both Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, as well as the River Region. The markets are now at locations such as heliports, industrial plants, and Fletcher Technical Community College. The company is looking to expand the concept as far as Lafayette through the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Their goal is to obtain 10 additional locations by the end of this year and 25 locations throughout 2022. 


The company likes to get to know a location before implementing the market in an establishment. They create a census and get to know the client. They offer food sampling, demonstrations, and tours. Verret said each location is different and customized. Sometimes a location may not be suitable for a market, but Premier Food Group has a variety of other options that can be custom tailored to each company’s needs.


Verret ended with saying, “We pride ourselves in customer service and offering an excellent guest experience across the board. And we now offer unique meal solutions to help other local businesses achieve their missions, which helps move our community forward.”


If your company is interested in improving meal options, contact (985) 446-0075. You can also visit for more information.