Gina and Seth Take the Stage at the Kingfish Tavern

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January 28, 2020
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January 28, 2020

Two musicians will be delivering a live performance at a local bar.

Gina Domangue and Seth Stogner will be performing at the Kingfish Tavern, upstairs at 531 Liberty, from 7-10, Saturday February 1.The two will be performing Rock and Country music, which the co-owner, David Sonnier, described as “Johnny Cash country, not George Jones.”

The two musicians are both local. Stogner, according to Sonnier, plays music 5-6 times a week professionally in a number of bands. The duo play for them every 5 to 6 weeks, “we try not to play them too much, just so they don’t get stale.”

Sonnier says he and the other co-owner have owned the location for four years in August. The place existed before, but they added the upstairs bar and the live music began about two years ago. The live music has always been one or two performers and usually just guitar.

“It’s a really small room, but it’s very intimate,” said Sonnier. “I’m told by all he musicians that it’s very good acoustic wise.”