Intracoastal Club to host hip-hop concert featuring local talent

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November 27, 2019
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November 27, 2019

This Friday night, Intracoastal Club, 8448 E. Main St. in Houma, will host a concert featuring some of the best hip-hop talent the area has to offer.

Houma-Thibodaux area artists Divine Martin, also known as DVNEHPPY (pronounced as Divine Hippy); Juliun “LC Son” Lawrence; Jalen Quinn; and ST.VON, a duo consisting of brothers Chris “Papa Suede” Bolden and Martin “Von B” Bolden, are set to give the crowd a memorable experience at the Black Friday event.

“These are some of the hottest artists that are coming out of Houma, Louisiana,” DVNEHPPY said. “You got LC Son, who you can tell by his lyrics and the way he carries himself that he’s a true 985 representative. I have loads and loads of respect for that man; he is the epitome of what a hard worker can be.”

DVNEHPPY had glowing remarks for Jalen Quinn and ST.VON, too.

“I can’t tell you the amount of hard work and dedication that Jalen Quinn puts not only towards his process but also towards himself as a brand as well,” he said. “The amount of effort that he puts into it is honestly inspiring.”

“And then we have the boys ST.VON, who are just absolutely killing it this year. The project [“SV”] that they dropped this year is bonkers with the production of it, instrumentation and lyricism,” DVNEHPPY continued. “Just how they work as a collective unit is absolutely crazy; they are just absolutely incredible.”

The show will also feature RAPBAUM, a DJ based out of New Orleans who will keep the crowd vibing in between sets, and DPHRNTSTRKS (pronounced as Different Strokes), a jazz/funk band based out of Lafayette who will play alongside DVNEHPPY.

“I got the inspiration just from live shows that I’ve been where they had live bands; a lot of artists are just to starting to do that a lot more,” DVNEHPPY said. “And it sounds absolutely amazing. It’s very sonically appealing. So, that’s definitely reason why I wanted to go with the live instrumentation.”

All the featured artists’ music can be found on streaming services, such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and SoundCloud (warning: explicit language used).

DVNEHPPY also discussed Intracoastal Club being the ideal venue for the show.

“The owner Tony Bergeron is always really genuine, and he’s honestly one of the most professional people that I’ve worked with,” he said. “For the aesthetic of the artists that are performing and for everybody that’s involved, I just feel like it really gives that underground, very lofi music vibe that a lot of people have been really searching for. I feel like this is a place that you could really call home at the end of the day, honestly.”

The doors to the concert open at 10 p.m.

The pre-sale tickets are $5 a person and can be purchased via Venmo (@BFEPresales) or Cash App ($BFEPresales). Purchasers are asked to put “BFEPresales” with their names and numbers attached to the transactions.

Tickets are $10 at the door.

People should attend the show to witness “history in the making”, DVNEHPPY said.

“Whenever the documentary comes out in a few years and you have all of us telling our story about how we started this, why would you not want to be a part of history as one of the nights that solidified local rap music for the 985 area,” he said. “The only way I could really put it is that it’s history. It will be a crazy, crazy night for sure.”