Local father and his 11-year-old son team up for fishing competitions

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March 29, 2021
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March 29, 2021

When Dr. Ben Adams launched his boat over the weekend to compete in the Elite Redfish Series Boomtown Blowout event, he was joined by his 11-year-old partner, his son Cooper. 


“It’s just like a regular day of fishing for us, except we’re more focused,” said Ben, a Houma physician. 


The two have been partnering for Inshore Fishing Association (IFA) tournaments the last three or four years, Ben said. 


Cooper said he enjoys fishing with his father, especially because they “get to talk smack to each other.” 


This past weekend’s tournament was their first Elite Series event together. On Day 1, the two hauled in a 9-pounder that went just 2 millimeters over the maximum length, so it couldn’t be weighed, resulting in a total of 15.37 pounds for the first day. 


“We knew it was going to be close,” Ben said. “We probably caught 30 fish. We could have brought in a smaller fish that weighed less. But we went ahead and took a chance at the bigger fish to potentially be sitting in the lead at the end of Day 1.” 


Although their gamble didn’t pay off, the father-son team managed to finish near the middle of the pack, with a two-day total of 26.59 pounds. 


“We learned a new quote: ‘You can’t win the tournament on the first day, but you can sure lose it,” Ben said. 


Cooper said he enjoyed the event, which had 15 teams, but he wished it had more competitors. “I know it’s better odds whenever there are less people,” he said. “But it’s more hectic whenever there are more people — and it makes it a little bit more fun.” 


The young sportsman said he’s been angling his whole life and loves “being on the water and catching fish.” 

Feature photo courtesy of Elite Redfish Series Facebook page.