Nutrition Wonderland is Tea-rrific

With so many bland nutrition and weight-loss products on the market, it’s pretty easy to shy away from trying something new.

However, a new establishment dedicated to selling healthy meal alternatives in Houma caught my attention — as I couldn’t avoid the numerous posts on my feed tagging and suggesting Nutrition Wonderland.

So, I visited the nutrition shop located at 1795 Martin Luther King Blvd. this past weekend to see if it truly served products that not only packed nutrition but flavor as well.

A nice modest space with a friendly family behind the counter, the business offers countless variations to its signature low-carb tea that’s equipped with supplements to boost energy, provide nutrition and help with hunger control.

After careful thought and generous patience from the staff, I decided to try the “Shark Bite” (blueberry and strawberry) and “Swamp Juice” (lemonade, orange, blueblast, green apple). Of course, I couldn’t leave without ordering a protein shake, too, so I chose the “Oatmeal Cookie.”

There’s no need to worry about lack of flavor when it comes to the teas. Both 32-ounce drinks packed a punch; it felt like I was drinking liquefied skittles or starbursts — which I didn’t mind at all. I couldn’t (and maybe still can’t believe) each contained sugar-free flavoring. Although it’s not the prettiest tea in all the land, I found the Swamp Juice to be a more gratifying combination of flavors than the Shark Bite.

After sampling (more like drinking nearly half of) both and feeling a jolt of energy, I punched my straw into the Oatmeal Cookie. Packed with approximately 24 grams of protein, this low-carb meal replacement does have that gritty texture found in most protein shakes. However, it has a sweet, pleasant taste that makes you not want to put it down.

My first experience with Nutrition Wonderland left me energized, full and knowing that there is a reliable spot to visit whenever I “get back” on my diet — whenever that will be.