NWS Releases Hurricane Prep List

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May 6, 2022
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May 6, 2022

The US National Weather Service released a list of things Louisiana residents should  check on ahead of hurricane season to make sure your home is hurricane strong during Hurricane Preparedness Week.

For hurricane inspections, they encourage home owners to ask these questions:

  • Is the roof in good shape? Are there any leaks? Is the roof secured to the house with hurricane straps?
  • Do the doors open and close properly? Are there any loose screws or hinges?
  • Are your windows impact-resistant? Do you have shutters or plywood to protect them?
  • Are your gutters free of debris? Are all downspouts attached properly?
  • Check for erosion holes around the foundation and near spouts
  • Do any trees need trimming?

There are simple one-day hurricane prep activities:

  1. Complete a home insurance inventory
  2. Prepare landscaping by trimming tress and replacing rocks with mulch
  3. Inspect and clear your gutters
  4. Inspect caulking and screws on soffits