The Krewe of Hercules welcomed Terrebonne ARC’s Let’s Get Together group to their den on February 8 to celebrate Party Gras! 

Through the efforts of Clay Naquin, King Randy Landry, S.P. Larussa, Mark Pitre, and other Hercules members, the krewe created an amazing night for over 100 Let’s Get Together members. The Krewe of Hercules treated the guests of TARC to outstanding food, music, dancing, and gift bags. In addition, the Krewe of Hercules provided a guided preview tour of the Hercules floats for the parade.

The Krewe of Hercules also surprised TARC and Let’s Get Together by announcing Lindsay Ocker as the first female honorary Grand Marshall for the parade. Lindsay follows a relatively new tradition in which the Krewe of Hercules selects a member to be the honorary Grand Marshall. Lindsay is the third such honoree.

TARC appreciates the outstanding thoughtfulness of the Krewe of Hercules for not just including thier individuals in Mardi Gras festivities, but also for inclusion in Hercules’ parade. It is truly one of the most unique community partnerships in the nation for providing meaningful experiences for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and paving the way for more inclusion in our community.

For over 50 years, TARC has become a leading Arc in the nation with its innovative job opportunities and services that include Pre-Vocational Training, Vocational Training, Health Services, Residential Services, Therapies, and Transportation. The revolutionary growth of TARC is attributed to being on the cutting edge of social enterprises that create meaningful work for our individuals. TARC has been able to soar beyond new heights with 16 local businesses that serve the residents of Terrebonne Parish and beyond as well as providing creative jobs for TARC men and women.

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