2023 Home Trends

Positively Pink Cheeks
March 1, 2023
Manilla Cool – Under The Scope March 2023
March 1, 2023
Positively Pink Cheeks
March 1, 2023
Manilla Cool – Under The Scope March 2023
March 1, 2023

Chateau Chic March 2023 (Photo by Misty Leigh McElroy) [date}

Morrison Terrebonne Lumber
What trends are you seeing in outdoor areas?

“I would say the biggest trend we have seen so far is outdoor kitchens and living spaces,” said Doug Gregory. “People love to get outside, especially as the weather is beginning to warm up as we move into spring and summer. We are not seeing pools as much as we are seeing people want to build entire living spaces, complete with cookware and furniture,” said Doug. Greg Landry echoed his agreement, saying, “Lots of new construction for houses that we are seeing is centered around making room in backyards for outdoor kitchens. I think it may be the new man cave,” he chuckled, “except for the whole family to enjoy!”

Shannon Bella – Knight N Day Designs
What trends are you seeing in color?

Bold colors are going to be very popular this year as well as richer wood tones and an earthy color palette on fabrics. Neural tones paired with crisp white and a splash of black never goes out of style.

Stacie Theriot – Interior Designer
What trends are you seeing in kitchens?

While the all-white kitchen will probably never go out of style, there are lots of new kitchen trends for 2023 that will make you equally happy. Think: pops of colors and timeless styling touches to make your space feel fresh.

When designing your kitchen functionality is very important. To make your time spent there more efficient and convenient be sure to have a well thought out plan for placement of drawers, cabinets, trash cans, spice cabinets etc.

Tip: place a pullout trash can cabinet on the side of the stove as well as the side of sink.

If you want the latest trend in your kitchen then you want color. Don’t be afraid to go for the bold cabinet color, it’s only paint and can always be repainted should you tire of it. But be careful about overdoing it with a patterned tile backsplash. Instead consider something timeless like marble. Whether marble slab going up the wall, marble subway tile, or a marble mosaic, you are sure to love it endlessly. I know you may be thinking marble is too expensive but don’t worry because you can still achieve the desired look without the high cost. A solid colored handcrafted tile is a great option and will be just as beautiful.  Pair that with a marble or quartz countertop and your kitchen will be a dream come true.

Amy Flores- Gros Flores Positerry, LLC
What trends are you seeing in floor plans?

I’m starting to see more pass-through laundry rooms located to give direct access from the master suite, which is quite convenient. Butlers’ pantries are also becoming increasingly popular as a separated area for food storage, small appliances, and items that can tend to clutter a beautiful kitchen.                                     

Personally, I’d like to see the open floor plan concept begin to trend toward a bit more separation between kitchen and living room spaces.  Having these spaces wide open can create some challenges with noise and a little separation of use can be a good thing.

Jaime Dishman – Dishman Flooring & Interiors
What trends have you seen in flooring in general?

We are seeing so much warmth come back to floors. Warm wood tones, pops of color on backsplashes and some cream undertones as opposed to stark white. For tile, the trend is very big or very small – we are seeing large format tiles (16 x 32 is the new 12 x 24) or very small hex tile or even pennies. It’s fun to use decorative tile that makes patterns; muted patterns with a vintage vibe are definitely taking the place of ultra-bold patterned tiles.

Linsi Cenac Matherne – Linsi L. Cenac Interiors, LLC
What trends are you seeing in Fabric and Textiles?

In 2023, color and texture are back, in a big way! Pantone has named magenta as the 2023 color of the year, and while you might not go for a magenta velvet sofa, you can add pops of color and texture throughout your home.

We are seeing a push toward bold floral patterns that evoke a more traditional feel but freshened up in more current colorways. Shades of cream, taupey grays, blues, greens with pops of salmon pinks and yellows have staying power. Plaid is also coming in strong these days in fabrics and even rugs. Fabrics with texture- chenilles, velvets, wools, mohairs- and many faux versions of these, are a great way to add a luxury touch to your home. These have been popular for the last several years and are definitely a standard classic. Solid fabrics are still a huge player and will give you an excellent base to work from. Boucle’ is on its way out after a short lived stint over the last two years.

Performance fabrics are still in high demand. No fabric is bomb proof, but these performance fabrics will give their best shot at preventing a stain on a big investment. These come in a wide range of colors and textures, and manufacturers are constantly adding new styles to keep up with the current trends. Indoor-outdoor fabrics are a great choice as well but can sometimes be a little rough to the touch. Performance fabrics tend to have a high polyester content while outdoor fabrics are often more acrylic based.

No matter what fabrics you decide to go with, remember different textures will give you a layered, welcoming look. Everything shouldn’t be the same color or material- mix it up!

Paul Ledet – Chris Ledet Homes
What trends are you seeing in materials?

We’ve seen the exterior of homes trending to materials that are favorable for our conditions. Our elements are harsh here, and homeowners want less upkeep. Exterior doors and posts are a good example, with the availability of synthetic and affordable options that come in stain grade, the use of wooden exterior doors and posts are less common. Homeowners don’t want the upkeep of sanding and staining.

Another exterior trend is the use of  stronger shingles, and the precautions we can take to protect your home, even if the shingles are torn off. By taping plywood seams or using a peel and stick ice and water shield material that completely seal up the roof, your home is significantly more protected.

In the interior, we are seeing much less trim work, even in more traditional homes that have traditional features. Moldings are trending to a  minimum. We’ve also seen an increase in the use of white oak cabinets and shelving, as well as the use of color,  adding warmth.