Alvin Ballard Roofing | The Southern Home

Founded in 1977 in Baton Rouge by its namesake, Alvin Ballard Roofing has dedicated itself to providing homeowners in South Louisiana with customer-friendly service and an easy understanding of roofing processes since its conception. Under the current ownership of Rod Roddy, who purchased the business in 2010, Alvin Ballard Roofing works in conjunction with its sister company De Ja Vu Properties to specialize in residential re-roofing, home improvement projects, repairs, and more.

Alvin Ballard Roofing prides itself on being transparent with its customers. The business takes time to explain every step of a project to its clients to offer a better understanding of what is taking place.

Alvin Ballard Roofing also makes an effort to ensure that each customer is happy with the finished product on their home.

“We take a little more time with customers. We have a folder that we present that tells you what we do…I think just taking the time to do that means a lot to customers.”