Cardiovascular Institute of the South-Thibodaux – What’s Up, Doc 2023

Point of Vue June 2023 – The Health Issue
June 2, 2023
The Greatest Wealth is Health
June 2, 2023
Point of Vue June 2023 – The Health Issue
June 2, 2023
The Greatest Wealth is Health
June 2, 2023

Cardiovascular Institute of the South-Thibodaux


Finding the right doctor is an important step in maintaining your heart health. When choosing a cardiologist, there are many things consider, such as specialty, education, experience, location, languages and more. At top of mind, you want to receive the very best care for your needs and have access to advanced diagnostics and treatment.

Understanding Your Condition

The first, and likely the most, important factor in choosing a cardiologist is understanding the type of care you need based on your risk factors and conditions. Each cardiologist is trained to treat cardiovascular disease and conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol. But if you have a specific condition, such as an arrythmia, a valve leak, or heart failure, you may benefit from seeing a specialist. Let’s look at some of these subspecialties.

Interventional Cardiology

Like cardiologists, interventional cardiologists diagnose and manage heart disease. What differs is that interventionists use catheters to perform minimally-invasive procedures on the heart and blood vessels. Angiograms, stents and other interventions fall under this category. Most CIS physicians are trained in these types of non-surgical procedures.

Peripheral Vascular Disorders

Cardiovascular disease not only affects the heart, but the arms and legs as well. Leg pain, cramping, numbness, discoloration or ulcers can be indicators of these conditions. Drs. Mohammad Rais, Akshit Sharma and Ahmad Jabbar treat these diseases in Thibodaux.

Heart Rhythm Disorders

Cardiac electrophysiologists, or EPs, are cardiologists who have additional medical training in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. Think of an electrophysiologist as an electrician that fixes the heart’s electrical function whereas a cardiologist acts as a plumber, treating the vascular function of the heart.

Valve & Structural Heart Disease

Diseased valves and structural or congenital defects are another cardiovascular subspecialty. Damaged valves may leak, needing repairs or replacements. Structural or congenital conditions, such as holes in the heart or septal defects, also require expert diagnosis and treatment.

Heart Failure

Due to the complex nature of heart failure, patients with this disorder may benefit from seeing a heart failure specialist. Patients who have both congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease often have what is called a chronic total occlusion, or CTO. This is when an artery becomes 100% blocked and special techniques and wires must be used to open the blockage. Dr. Owen Mogabgab specializes in CTO treatment.

Location & Physicians

The CIS cardiologists in Thibodaux practice at 1320 Martin Luther King Drive, behind the Family Doctor Clinic. Most diagnostic procedures, including ultrasounds and scans, are done in the clinic. Vein procedures are performed in the office as well. Further procedures are performed at the CIS Ambulatory Surgery Center in Gray or at your local hospital.

CIS physicians in Thibodaux include Drs. Bart Denys, Sandeep Patel, Mohammed Rais, Owen Mogabgab, Akshit Sharma, and Ahmad Jabbar. All are trained in interventional cardiology, but scan the QR code below to learn more about their specialties and interests. In addition to English, Dr. Bart Denys speaks Dutch and Dr. Ahmad Jabbar speaks Arabic. For patients with electrophysiology or structural heart/valve needs, Drs. Kanwar Singh and Shane Prejean provide support.

Prevention is Key

Heart checkups should be a part of your wellness plan even if you are healthy. “To have a long and healthy life, find the problem before it finds you,” said Dr. Denys. “We have the tools to see what your risk is. With that knowledge, we make a plan together of what needs to be changed to lower your risk. When we save a heart, we save a life.”