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February 28, 2018
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February 28, 2018

The Louisiana coast and cane fields are a few things that come to mind when we think of our Bayou region. With local business Coast and Cane, you really get a feeling of home when selecting the next decorative item to add to your personal space. Coast and Cane was started by Aimee and Brandon Rushing in September of 2015. Aimee and Brandon focus on rustic, farmhouse features for the pieces they create for their business while keeping the Louisiana feel in mind.

Coast and Cane creates a multitude of different products, ranging from furniture to signs and wall hangings. For Brandon, creating the dining tables, sofa tables, and benches are usually his forte. Brandon has a great deal of experience with woodwork, which is something he started while he was in high school.

“I’ve been doing woodworking since high school, and a lot of it are things I have learned from my dad,” Brandon noted. Before the business was even thought of, Brandon had never made a table. However, he decided to give it a go. He made a table, put it up for sale, and got quick responses from people who wanted a custom table for themselves.

Brandon also mentions, “The first thing I made was a wooden speaker box for my car when I was younger. I also made some for my friends in high school, which adds to my experience.”

As for the sign making, Aimee is the one who creates the lettering and personalizes it for buyers. Aimee is a talented photographer, having owned her own business for 8 years. She eventually wanted to try something new, so she decided to take a break from photography to search for what would be next: Coast and Cane.

With their pieces being made to order and customized, the customer will get something unique and different every time. For inspiration, Brandon and Aimee will look online at rustic, farmhouse styles, which create the inspiration for some items they are making.

“We have many wood based products, but we are looking into launching products that are not wood based soon. For example, print pieces that buyers can hang in their homes,” Aimee says. These new items will either be available to download and print for oneself, or ordered and mailed to the customer directly.

Most of Aimee and Brandon’s business is run through an Etsy website, where customers can order customized pieces from small businesses. Aside from their Etsy website, they also have a Facebook page where they showcase new items coming up for sale. What’s even more exciting though, is that Coast and Cane will be receiving it’s own shop on!

Houzz is a popular website that helps inspire remodeling, designing, landscaping, and architecture. Aimee and Brandon used Houzz to draw inspiration when remodeling their own home, so the invitation to be included is significant for them.

Houzz will be adding a marketplace to buy handcrafted products, too, and Coast and Cane has been selected to have a shop on the webpage. “We were selected through Instagram and our Etsy shop,” explains Aimee. “The woman working for Houzz was impressed by our pieces, as well as not having any negative ratings on our handmade products, which is typically hard to avoid when something is handmade.”

Being selected to have a shop on Houzz is important to Brandon and Aimee, and the both of them feel “excited and honored” to be a part of this new addition to the impressive business website. “It’s going to be a new experience, but we’re thankful, especially to have been selected in a sea of competitors when it comes to handmade products,” says Brandon.

Keep an eye out for the new update with Houzz, which will be launching soon as a place for inspiration and buying all in one. And if you’re looking for signs, furniture, wooden art pieces to display, or wooden tea lights in the future, you don’t have to look too far with Coast and Cane at our fingertips!