Dishman Flooring & Interiors | The Southern Home

It started with a 15-year-old boy and some carpet cleaning.

That 15-year-old boy is now a 42-year-old man, owner and operator of Dishman Flooring & Interiors. There are few people in the world of flooring with as much hands-on experience as Billy Dishman. He worked his way from carpet cleaner to owner, and has learned the lessons of hard work not taught in the office.

“I was literally the backbone of the company,” he explains with a smile. “I was breaking my back, while my dad was in the office calling the shots.”

That was more than 27 years ago, and though he is no longer out on installation jobs, he’s watched Dishman Flooring & Interiors change from strictly carpet cleaning, to performing flooring installs, and now with its latest renovation, incorporating interior design and the Benjamin Moore paint line. He now runs the company with his wife by his side, as his dad retired nearly 10 years ago, leaving all management decisions to him.

“Being able to be a locally owned and operated company is what I always wanted,” he explains.

Today, Dishman Flooring & Interiors offers custom installation of hardwoods, vinyl, tile and custom showers. However, with its expansion, the company hasn’t left its roots and offers carpet and rug cleaning, as well as water restoration after floods. Dishman Flooring & Interiors offers a 5,000 square foot showroom where customers can choose paint colors, custom floors, rugs and much more.

The company offers residential and commercial flooring work and works with local area contractors, completing whole-house installations of floors. When asked what would be the one thing he wants the company known for, Billy didn’t hesitate.

“We are proud of the work we do. We’re proud to work in south Louisiana, and we want people to walk away from any job we do for them loving the work we’ve done. Our customers are the ones who give us the work we need to do business. It’s them who we have to thank for 27 years in this industry.”