Fernis LeBlanc Tile, INC | The Southern Home

Bringing over 60 years of experience and expertise to Houma, Fernis LeBlanc Tile strives to make clients’ tile dreams a reality through high-quality work and a hands-on creation process. The company specializes in custom tile work, including flooring, countertops, showers, patios, pool decks, custom bathrooms and more.

Fernis LeBlanc Tile takes pride in being a family business passed down from its namesake to his sons, Mark and Derek LeBlanc. The company promises a familiar face through the presence of one of its owners on every job.

“It’s really nice to see it from start to finish, to see them dream up something or help them visualize it and then see it become a reality,” Briggette Dupre, office manager and head designer says.

The team at Fernis LeBlanc tile works closely together to offer customers the highest quality work possible and to be of assistance at every step of the design process.