Fitness Tips for Fall

The fall season will soon be here. A new season means you can have a fresh start on healthy habits that support your fitness goals. Here are three tips for a healthy and active autumn:

1. Enjoy seasonal produce

Stop by your local farmers’ market or grocery store for tasty fall produce. Fall favorites such as apples, pears, broccoli and squash are healthy and delicious complements to a meal or snack that will fuel your fitness regimen. Pumpkin, for example, contains vitamin A, fiber, potassium and phytosterols. These nutrients support vision, aid in weight loss and have been shown in studies to reduce “bad” cholesterol.

2. Give yourself an immunity boost

Pumpkins are a great source of vitamin C, and during the fall, it’s important to remember to give your immune system some TLC. Don’t forget to get your flu shot to protect yourself during flu season. Hydrate with lots of water and wash hands thoroughly at home or in public areas to prevent the spread of the cold virus.

3. Add variety to your fitness routine and diet

Stay committed to your fitness routine by walking, cycling and hiking outdoors while enjoying the cooler temperatures. Get motivated by joining a group fitness class or maximize your workout with a certified personal trainer. For game day, choose healthier snack options such as veggies and dip, unsalted peanuts or air-popped popcorn. Limit your candy intake during Halloween by keeping candy out of sight as much as possible and commit to only eating a certain amount of candy per day.

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