Four Tips to Stay Fit While on Vacation

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July 6, 2018
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July 6, 2018

Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy the outdoors and take your long-awaited vacation. You don’t have to derail your fitness goals while enjoying your vacation. Use these tips to keep your fitness routine on track:

Book a Hotel with a Fitness Center or Gym Nearby

An easy way to motivate yourself to work out during vacation is to have easy access to a fitness center. Try to book accommodations with a fitness center or near a gym. You can complete an early morning or late-night workout that won’t disrupt your vacation plans and will give you a boost of energy.

Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Commit to taking the stairs at your hotel and entertainment venues. This is a quick way to burn extra calories and work your full body while on vacation.

Walk Instead of Drive

Pack comfortable walking shoes and sightsee on foot. Try to book your accommodations in an area that’s centrally located near restaurants and entertainment venues. Walking during vacation burns calories and keeps you active throughout the day.

Plan Active Activities

Plan your vacation with a good balance of relaxing and active activities. You can start your morning relaxing on the beach, then plan to take an afternoon hike. You can play sports on the beach, go for swim, take a fun tour and participate in a variety of fun activities that will keep you active each day.

For more information, contact the Fitness Center of Thibodaux Regional at 985-493-4950.