Health at Home

During or after serious surgeries, illnesses, or injuries, there are several important services patients need in order to recover such as nursing and nursing aide services, physical, occupational, speech therapies, and social services. Many unfortunately have to struggle with traveling to the hospital or medical offices several times a week to receive the care they need. For the Lafourche, Terrebonne, St. Mary, Jefferson and other River Parishes, Divinity Home Health Services, brings care to patients’ homes, assists them with their recovery, and provides peace of mind to their loved ones.

“Divinity’s staff helps our patients regain their independence more quickly and this is all done in concert with the patients, the patients’ loved ones, and their prescribing providers,” says Amie Falgout, Family Nurse Practitioner and CEO of Divinity.

Amie, along with her husband, Dan Falgout, took over an existing home health license from a Harvey home health agency that was for sale in October of 2013.

“There were very significant issues faced almost immediately, and right out of the gate, that left my husband and I wondering if we should close the doors and head for the hills,” says Amie, who has been in the medical field for over 24 years. “Despite the fears and inherited challenges we were left with, there was truly a belief and a confidence that had grown in the remarkable staff that was that of Divinity’s beginnings. This left us with a conviction to make this company work for them and their beautiful families.”

“To better accommodate the staffs’ needs, we then moved the office from Harvey to Lafourche Parish, where both my husband and I and the entire staff, were born and raised,” Amie says, “Divinity truly is local people servicing local people.”

Starting with only 37 patients, Divinity has now grown to a census of over 200 patients. Service is the key word for Divinity as they offer an impressive array of services that each provides its own vital treatments and recovery activities. They offer nursing services which includes disease management, catheter care, medicine management, pain management, wound care, etc. Their elite physical, occupational, and speech therapists work with patients to get them through the road to recovery. They also have a social worker who coordinates community resources, financial assistance, and family counseling with the patients and their loved ones.  They also offer LSVT BIG™, Low Vision Treatment, and nursing aides.

The dedication, compassion, and quality of Divinity’s professional staff are reflections of their mission statement, “The mission of Divinity Home Health Services is to dedicate our experience and skill to ensuring that every patient we serve is treated with the utmost compassion and quality of care possible. At Divinity, every staff member makes every effort to foster outcomes that signify restoration of health or marked improvement. Every service we provide will be conducted respectful of comprehensive, continuous communication with referring medical staff.”

“Both the owners and the staff are sincerely humbled by how well-received we have been by community members we service, the physicians and providers, and all the referral sources who trust us with the care of their patients,” Amie says.

Anybody who has a family member that needs or will need tender home care, thorough physical, occupational, or speech therapy, and overall excellent service can call Divinity at (985) 262-0445. To learn more information about Divinity and their services, visit their website,

“It has taken every bit of the four and a half years we have been in this business, combined with a ton of blood, sweat and tears, but I think it is now safe to say, that both my husband and I are prayerfully grateful for the broken, winding roads that led us to the successful home health agency that we and the staff have created together,” Amie says. “The success of Divinity can be measured by each employee’s dedication, hard work and commitment to each of their specific and equally important roles in this company. Divinity is a family who is proud to serve your families.”