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The Heart of the Community
December 2, 2019
One Day at a Time
December 2, 2019
The Heart of the Community
December 2, 2019
One Day at a Time
December 2, 2019

Christmas is a time when we gather ‘round with our families to celebrate and rejoice. Part of the beauty of the holiday is decorating your space to reflect you and your family’s traditions and personalities. Every home you step into is decorated a little differently, but each has such amazing meaning to the homeowner. Join us as we step into the homes of five local families and join them for Christmas.

The Clune Home

Home of: Jay and Allison Clune

The President’s Home • Nicholls State University

Built circa: 1950

Allison’s holiday style: “My decorations are very traditional. First, we’ve always had a large, live tree with family heirloom ornaments with red glass bulbs, gold ornaments and white lights. These colors work perfectly with those of Nicholls. Since we’ve been in the house, I purchased a silver tree and accents to go with the decor of that room. I also have to say that I love my Village 56 collection my mother-in-law, Gretchen Clune, started for me 27 years ago.

We drape the front door as well as the fireplace with garland graciously donated by Mrs. Marie Falgoust. We hang our stockings from the fireplace. There’s one for Jay, me, Gabrielle, Caroline and, of course, Boots. We display our family memories on the tree as well, with pictures of the girls in frames. Some of my favorites are the handmade ornaments the girls have made through the years.”

The Boquet Home

Home of: Marty and Kelly Boquet

Built circa: 2016

Kelly’s holiday style: “Great news brings shouts of joy and cheer like a child! If there is any time, Christmas is the time, to be a child at heart.  It’s a time for whimsy and fanciful sights to steal the show! Since before I was born, my mother carefully chose and preciously tucked away ornaments from year to year and she scoured antique shops to put together the vintage old nativity that we cherish.

My hope is to create a garland of sorts…to delicately tie the thread of times-gone-by to the thread of new memories made. My children’s eyes light up and their faces shine the same as mine did and still does at the unpackaging of treasures we have added from their childhood and of course those precious old Christmas treasures. Some are missing a piece or two but even those are equally as precious. They all tell a story of love, thoughtfulness and are the continuing of a story of tradition.

From decorating the tree as a family to waiting until Christmas Eve to place Jesus in his manger bed, tradition remains central to our Christmas festivities. Silver tinsel garland, large vintage-colored lights, red velvet ribbon, nutcrackers and lots of color on the real tree and mantel is the key to creating an atmosphere for my family that brightens the heart and creates a warm sanctuary to reflect on the meaning of the season. ‘Noel, Noel for Emmanuel’, is the message I hope to convey in my home at Christmas!”

The Morgan Home

Home of: Stephen and Amanda Morgan

Built circa: 1990s

Amanda’s holiday style: “Incorporating our heritage into the holidays is the most enjoyable part of Christmas for our family. Stephen’s family is Italian and we celebrate with a traditional Christmas Eve celebration where we all gather together. Musical instruments are played, traditional homemade foods and treats such as fig cookies are enjoyed. The children entertain with a Christmas pageant depicting the Christmas story. We treasure this day, filled with so much joy and laughter and family.

My family is Scotch-Irish and to pay homage I’ve always enjoyed incorporating tartan plaid into our holiday décor. Our holiday décor is a classic mix with red and green tartan plaid, fresh greenery and holly. This year our halls were decked for a Christmas themed engagement party. We enlisted Meagan Stansbury to achieve our vision of an intimate and cozy evening with vintage inspired décor theme, ‘Meet Us Under the Mistletoe.’ Using our personal Christmas décor, Meagan added the perfect accents to fit the theme and honor the special couple. The fragrance of fresh ivory roses and cedar filled the air while twinkling birch branches and paper lanterns illuminated the path for our guests to enjoy an evening celebrating family.”

(photos by Kyle Eroche)

The Cuartas Home

Home of: Peter and Denise Cuartas

Built circa: 1990s

Denise’s holiday style: “My style is different from year to year and that’s part of the fun! Our décor has been everything from eclectic, to whimsical to very traditional. I’m a bit of a textile collector and I love incorporating fabrics into decorating.

Handmaking unique décor from year to year is one of my hobbies. I take an inventory of what I have, think of ways that I can utilize and repurpose materials and I create the décor myself. This year I decoupaged my reindeer with fabric scraps, but every year I recover them with something new. I also hand make our stockings each year.

Using non-traditional textiles that I’ve collected over the years while traveling or that were given to me by friends brings special meaning to our décor as well. I’ve repurposed a silk Indian sari as a tree skirt and even used trim from Indonesia as garland in our tree. My motivation each year is my family–my son loves when I decorate for the holidays and I treasure the special memories and traditions we are creating together.”

The Acosta Home

Home of: Marc and Heidi Acosta

Built circa: 2014

Heidi’s holiday style: “I love decorating for the holidays and typically put my tree up right after Halloween! I want to enjoy it for more than just a month. I would consider my decorating style to be traditional with a whimsical twist. I use a variance on the traditional red and green by updating to a bright cardinal red and a brighter, almost lime green. I have a ceramic light-up tree that belonged to my Maw Maw Marion that is especially sentimental to me. It reminds me of her every year when I set it up.

My absolute favorite part of everything we set up is our tree. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in my home and it sets the tone for the Christmas season.”