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Healthy Holiday Eating
December 1, 2020
The Weary World Rejoices
December 1, 2020

Home built circa: 1975

Amy’s Holiday Style:

My style for Christmas is ever-changing, like creating a new painting or decorating any new space. My colors are different most years based on what I’m feeling or liking. We have had everything from a Charlie Brown tree cut out of the woods by Shannon, to dressy red ribbons and glass ornaments. I don’t necessarily buy a lot of new things each year. It’s easy to change things up with a few switches.

It’s our family’s tradition to pick out a real tree together. I love the smell of a real tree. I’ve collected ornaments from our travels and bought special ornaments each year to represent the kid’s interest or as a gift for them. So it’s another tradition for us to pull those out together and decorate the tree. Those things stay the same; things that change are the garland, ribbons and toppers. I saw the beige and blush pom poms, and that was all I needed for some color inspiration. I’m a believer in buying what you love, and it all works together!

I love the warmth Christmas trees and greenery bring into the home. The lights of the tree each night seem to always draw our family to sit together in that space more. These are sweet days to take time to do something special to point to the Reason we celebrate Christmas.