Honoring Our Heroes: Motorcycle Unit, Andree Picou and Jeff Jackson, Houma Police Department

Throwing around a one thousand pound metal beast while maneuvering through Houma traffic is no easy feat. But for Patrolman First Class Andree Picou and Patrolman Frist Class Jeff Jackson, it’s all part of the job.

Andree and Jeff make up the motorcycle unit of the Houma Police Department. The unit is responsible for covert traffic enforcement, escorts and also participates in community events. One of the toughest certifications to achieve, each officer must pass a rigorous two week program where they learn to ride, pursue and control in traffic situations.

For Andree, becoming a part of the motorcycle unit was just the next step to take within the traffic division. A 16-year-veteran of the police force, with five years in the motorcycle unit, she is very proud of her current assignment.

“Being on a motorcycle is a huge accomplishment cause not everyone can do it,” says Andree. “It’s very strenuous two week program to be certified. I didn’t think it would be something I could do, and I did.”

Being a part of the police force is very important to Jeff, a ten and a half year veteran of the police force, with two years in the motorcycle division.

“It’s the dynamics of the job that I love,” Jeff explains. “Every day is different. You never know what call is going to come in. The camaraderie and the brotherhood here is amazing.”

“We are a close, tight knit family,” shares Andree. “We are here more than we are with our families. Being able to make a difference in the community, being able to help where you might have thought you couldn’t – it’s not all about making arrests, it’s about helping people with their problems.”