Joie ‘de Vivre

Carroll Theriot
June 1, 2018
A Healthy Honor
June 1, 2018

Searching as far as Fairhope, Alabama, Marty and Kelly Boquet decided to build their Parisian inspired home along the banks of the bayou. The lot they purchased featured oak trees that had been planted more than 50 years ago and was surrounded by stately homes.

During the planning phase, the couple spent many days sitting under the oaks imagining what a home on their lot would look like. A considerable amount of time was spent to ensure the footprint of the home would not impact the trees, and eventually they reduced the footprint to accommodate the stately oaks.

Influenced by antiques and little treasures that had been collected over the years, as well as the French way of life, often referred to as Joie ‘de Vivre or “joy of life”, the Boquets wanted to create an unpretentious French Chateau. This style would allow the architecture of the home to compliment the oaks and not compete with them.

Taking inspiration from French bakeries, especially the fun colors that bring them to life, the lighting and decor have a Parisian sensibility. Marble, unlaquered brass, colorful cabinetry, and furnishings execute the perfect touch of whimsical style while feeling authentic and welcoming.