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A Modern Move
November 1, 2017
A Lifetime of Selfless Service
November 1, 2017

Like the stately oaks that line the bayous of our region, our communities are deep rooted in tradition, style and grace. From Bourg, Larose and Houma to England, Brazil and Houston, these individuals have followed their dreams, no matter where it takes them. They draw from their Louisiana roots to successfully contribute to their chosen professions and continue to make our communities proud.

Woman on the Go

Surrounded by racks of stunning fabrics, soft silks and plush velvets, soft cottons and shiny sequins, Lauren Eymard Rebstock redefines the way we view boutiques and fashion. La Boujee Boutique is a pop-up based, retail boutique that hosts shows locally, even though Lauren currently lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with her husband.

Originally from Galliano, Lauren’s family moved to Larose when she was in high school. Always having a taste for fashion, it was her dream to be in the retail or fashion industry. After graduating from Nicholls Sate University with a business degree, she became involved in network marketing and it provided a platform to start La Boujee.

“I believe there is such a different concept for what I do compared to brick and mortar stores,” explains Lauren. “We do pop ups and have an online store and that’s all we are about.” Her concept revolves around phrases such as “girl on the go” or “fashion on the go”. La Boujee uses primarily social media to promote and advertise their events and pop ups.

While her store has only been online since May 1, Lauren feels her large customer base has embraced the new concept in shopping. “They love the one-stop shop experience of being able to buy a whole outfit at once. It’ll be shipped to you in the next 2-3 days and now you have an entire look. We do casual to chic, we accessorize. I have a whole new shoe line, so top to bottom you are ready. It sets us apart from a standard storefront.”

“My Pop always told me that in life, if I could be my own boss, that’s how I was going to be successful and happy,” Lauren recalls. “That’s always the advice he gave me. Be your own boss. With La Boujee, I found that. I love the feeling of independence. It’s empowering. It’s freedom!”

Natural Beauty

In a sunlit conservatory just off her kitchen, Kellie Matherne Daniels sits down in what now serves as the main studio for Salome, her own contemporary jewelry label. Hailing from Bourg, La., the jewelry designer now resides in England.

The jewelry Kellie creates is designed around natural stones. She uses hand-selected, precious and semi-precious stones sourced from around the world to create unique legacy jewelry.

“When the stones arrive in my studio, it’s like Christmas morning. Every stone is unique and different. You’re never going get one that is exactly like another. It’s the stones really that inspire me,” Kellie explains.

While on a Christmas break trip to Italy, Kellie realized her passion for the arts and went on to receive her masters in liberal arts.

After stints in New York City and Las Vegas, Kellie and her husband returned to Louisiana and started a family with a new found hobby of jewelry making. Armed with ambition, their family of five moved to England a few years later where she began making more jewelry and eventually launched her brand online.

After being picked up by London based company, Wolf and Badger, Kellie’s line, Salome flourished. The company is named for her mother, Salome Matherne, who passed away in 1996.

“Having her name on my brand pushes me to do my absolute very best every day. I’m not going to have anything that’s below my level of quality or my standards,” says Kellie. Further inspired to fulfill her dream after losing her brother Dr. Matt Matherne in 2015, Kellie admits, “Part of this is for him.”

While the ultimate dream for Salome would be a free-standing shop in London where one day her daughters could join the business, she has set a few smaller goals for the near future. She hopes to see her brand enter into the markets of Madrid, Paris, Sydney, Milan and Denmark. Stateside, she has her eyes set on Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Closer to home, Kellie is proud to feature her designs at Outside and In in Houma. Her newest collection, called L’Étoiles will be released in time for the winter holidays. Kellie describes the stellar collection as very romantic, full of stars and moons.

“The collection is very dreamy. I imagine the pieces as being very lovely to wear to holiday parties.”

Louisiana By Design

As an interior designer at Gensler, the world’s leading and largest collaborative design firm, Doug Detiveaux has certainly made a name for himself. Recognized world wide as a global architecture, design and planning firm, Gensler’s staff represent the industry’s elite.

This H.L. Bourgeois High School graduate originally had his eyes set on a computer engineering degree from Louisiana State University. While in his third year, he enlisted the help of a tutor and one conversation changed his career path. “I just wanted to pass the class and I was thinking if I get through this, I won’t need it again,” Doug recalls. His tutor’s response, “Yea, you will!” Then, a light bulb went off.

Reevaluating his strengths, Doug considered majoring in landscape architecture, graphic design, architecture and interior design. Ultimately choosing interior design, he assembled a portfolio and submitted his application to the program. The stakes were high as only 40 students per year were admitted at the time. Although he had no professional art training, his natural talent was obvious and he was accepted as the only male in his class. “I knew I was going against the grain when I chose interior design, but once I did, I never looked back,” according to Doug.

Hired as an intern with Gensler in Houston while a student at LSU, he was recognized as an emerging talent and was hired on as a junior designer once he graduated. Over his 10 years at Gensler, Doug has built an extensive portfolio and has honed his skills in hospitality design. Working on hotel projects throughout the United States including Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Nashville, Denver, Houston, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Doug has earned the title of design director on recent projects. As the lead interior designer, he is responsible for the conceptual design, aesthetics, managing a team of designers as well as working hand in hand with brand designers, art consultants and contractors.

Most recently, Doug served as the design director for The Watermark Hotel in Baton Rouge. This was his second hotel in Baton Rouge, The Renaissance Hotel being his first. The design concept for The Watermark is a juxtaposition of significant time periods for the building. Paying homage to it’s past as the headquarters of Louisiana Trust and Savings Bank in the ‘20s, old bank vaults were converted into dramatic spaces and it’s inspired Art Deco design is sophisticated and stately. Working closely with a team of brand designers, the team was able to translate the history and heritage of the building into the design.

Featured in the hotel guest rooms are Doug’s custom pieces of artwork. While his artwork started out as a solution on a previous project where the owners couldn’t agree, Doug designed a piece that the owners loved and it was incorporated into the decor. Since that time, Doug creates a custom piece of fine art for each project, leaving his signature on the space.

Woman on the Go:

story by Mary Downer Ditch

photo by Leticia Paizante Damasceno

Natural Beauty:

story by Mary Downer Ditch

Louisiana by Design

story by Bonnie Rushing

photo by Eye Wander Photography