Mini Masterpieces

The finishing touch to any home design is the decorating. Your décor and the art you select are a reflection of your family’s style and lifestyle. These personal touches placed in your house make it a home.

We are all familiar with the “art” our little ones bring home from school. The handprint characters and coloring sheets so thoughtfully scribbled on are often destined for the refrigerator, only to make their way to a memory book or even the recycle bin.

We recognize that even the youngest of budding artists has it in them to create beautiful masterpieces that look amazing enough to adorn the walls of your living room or office. The current, modern style of abstract painting lends itself perfectly to the less than perfect painting styles of a child. Let your little one show off their skills with one of these easy to complete crafts that you would be proud to curate on your walls. Simply choose a color palette of paints that match your color scheme and let them get to it!

Paint Blots

What you need:

• Paint

• Watercolor paper

• Wax paper


1. Tear out a sheet of wax paper, about the same size as your watercolor sheet.

2. Squeeze paint directly onto the wax paper. You don’t have to create any particular pattern or shape.

3. Fold the wax paper in half and rub the paint around.

4. Carefully open the wax paper to reveal your paint blot inside.

5. Place your sheet of watercolor paper directly down on the painted wax paper.

6. Peel away the watercolor paper to reveal your paint blot masterpiece!

Watercolor Words & Designs

What you need:

• Watercolor paper

• Watercolors

• Paint brushes


1. Abstract is the name of the game with this one. Allow your child to just paint different colors onto the paper, using a lot of water to make the colors run together and blend.

2. Do this on two sheets.

3. After the sheets dry, choose the areas that have the best colors selections. From these areas cut letters to form words or even shapes such as circles or Easter eggs.

4. Glue these cutouts onto the second piece of artwork to create a one of kind work of art or the perfect season piece!

Egg Painting

What you need:

• 1 dozen eggs shells, cracked in half to create “cups”

• poster board or canvas

• paint

• drop cloth or other throw away coverings for the painting area


1. Cover the egg zone! Cover your fence, the ground, any surface that the paint might accidentally touch.

2. Hang your poster board or canvas on the covered surface.

3. Fill the eggshell halves with paint.

4. Line up the artists and let them throw the filled eggshells at the canvas.

5. The eggshells will crack upon impact and leave your board with a fun splatter!