Pleasing the Palate

Terrebonne Booking Log: 12/26/2020
December 26, 2020
“Do Small Things With Great Love”
December 26, 2020

With a love for wine and a passion for traveling and trying new cuisine and craft cocktails, Dr. Jody and Dollie Plaisance wanted to bring a unique wine experience to Thibodaux. What began as a simple wine bar morphed into a full-scale restaurant with excellent southern cuisine at Cuvée Wine Bar and Bistro. 

With a rustic, open plan including polished concrete floors, black granite countertops, and glass covered wine cabinets, the setting is both comfortable and upscale. “My personal favorite is the courtyard. With the turf, overhead lights, and French inspired landscape it provides a unique setting,” shares Dr. Jody. “Our patrons have told us it’s like being transported to places ranging from New Orleans to Houston or even California! I don’t think there is a better place to sit and enjoy time with friends or family”

Offering seasonal menus from Chef Nathan Richard as well as a revolving wine menu and spirit offerings, guests can choose their own experience and setting, whether sitting at a table, or at the countertop, watching the open kitchen or the courtyard outside. 

“We wanted to add to what I feel is a real unheralded food destination. By providing a new wine and food experience my ultimate goal is to draw attention to our community’s multiple great restaurants, historic downtown area, and give people from everywhere in the Gulf region the chance to visit and enjoy what Thibodaux has to offer,” Dr. Jody explains. POV