Southern Style in Bloom

March 30, 2018
Let It Grow
April 2, 2018

Situated on a picturesque lawn adored by azaleas in bloom, the home of David and Robin Bourgeois is timeless and pristine. With a pool and tennis court located on the property as well as convenient access to the golf course, the couple seized the opportunity to purchase the home in 2006.

Featuring more than grand architecture, this classic home boasts family heirlooms including furniture and ceramics as well as antique artwork and vintage family photos. Collections of crystal grace the buffet and bar signaling that you’ve arrived in the home of a true southerner.

Originally built by Billy and Marla Stark, the home was meticulously constructed. While the couple customized the space to fit their lifestyle, the renovations were minimal. After remodeling the kitchen and master bath, the other spaces received Robin’s personal touch.

Featuring five bedrooms and four and half baths, the home provides ample space for large gatherings with family and friends. Whether inside or out, David and Robin also enjoy long weekends and quality time spent at home making memories with their grandchildren, passing family traditions and one day, keepsakes to the next generation in true Southern fashion.