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June 3, 2019
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June 3, 2019

The Wellness Center of Thibodaux Regional offers a significant number of health care services integrating clinical care with wellness. A new program called WellFit integrates wellness into clinical care by providing a customized 8-week plan to help participants achieve their highest quality of life. This physician-referred program can be beneficial to those suffering from back and neck pain, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, orthopaedic conditions, cancer, breathing disorders, mental health, women’s health, after surgery or those seeking a lifestyle change to improve overall health.

WellFit includes an exercise plan customized by a certified fitness specialist to meet specific health needs. Participants will also receive two one-hour guided workout sessions per week and unlimited access to the Fitness Center. The customized WellFit plan also includes nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian to assist participants with their specific dietary needs. Smoking cessation options and behavioral health screenings are also available.

Studies have shown that following proper nutrition and exercise has many benefits and can:

• Decrease pain

• Increase mobility, flexibility and range of motion

• Increase functional capacity

• Result in weight loss reducing stress on the joints

• Improve your emotional health

• Potentially delay surgery

The goal of WellFit is to help people live the highest quality, most active lifestyle possible. When developing WellFit, physicians in several specialties were consulted to ensure the needs of unique medical populations were considered. Because of this input, and the ongoing feedback between the WellFit team and the referring physician, WellFit participants are assured that their doctor is an integral part of their wellness plan. Participants who have completed WellFit are walking farther, losing weight, and feeling more satisfied with their physical and mental health.