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June 1, 2022
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June 1, 2022

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Walter and Erin Rushing are the husband and wife team behind Comprehensive Hearing Solutions. Combining Erin’s medical expertise and Walter’s exceptional customer service, the couple works together to treat adult hearing loss with empathy and compassion. 

While pursuing a Masters in Biology at UL Lafayette, Erin’s research projects and professor inspired her to learn more about hearing and audiology. “I had always wanted to work with people, rather than in a lab, and I realized how I could combine the laboratory studies with my passion for helping others in my next adventure into audiology,” Erin explains. 

Founded in Houma, in 2016, Comprehensive Hearing Solutions remains a family-owned and operated audiology practice that focuses on addressing hearing loss and difficulty in adults. “We believe that a smaller clinic allows us to spend more time with our patients, which is vital to assessing and managing their hearing loss and communication needs. We are committed to serving the Bayou Region with exceptional hearing healthcare and customer service,” said Walter.

Understanding that improving hearing can change someone’s life, the couple is passionate about bettering the lives of their patients by combining helping people with technology. “Hearing aids are amazing devices, and we change lives daily. Helping someone to reclaim one of their basic senses and improve interaction with their loved ones is very rewarding,” Erin shares.

Every patient gets the time they need to ensure they are confident and have the knowledge, strategies and technology to hear better. Through constant education and implementation, the practice lives up to their name, priding themselves in having the most comprehensive hearing evaluation in our region. By employing best practices in verification and validation of hearing aid fittings, Comprehensive Hearing Solutions goes beyond the hearing aid. “We test for processing deficits in addition to “traditional” hearing loss. We work hard to find solutions to your unique hearing challenges,” Erin explains.

The first step toward hearing better is a comprehensive hearing exam. This annual exam ensures catching any hearing changes over time. If hearing aids are needed, a hearing aid and fitting package ensures that patients get the most from their new hearing devices. In addition, hearing aid and maintenance appointments, reprogramming appointments, and bluetooth and accessory appointments are available. 

Comprehensive Hearing Solutions offers hearing aids that provide different hearing benefits at several price points to find the right fit for all of their customers. Working with several hearing aid manufacturers they can provide a selection of hearing aids to meet your unique needs. In addition, all of their hearing aids are regulated Class I and Class II Medical Devices, and the prices are listed upfront, so there are no surprises. Comprehensive Hearing Solutions ensures that with the help of your hearing aids, your hearing is the best it can be.  

“So many patients say they wish they would have “done this sooner.” Hearing services are non-invasive and relatively affordable. If you suspect a hearing problem, don’t wait. We can uncover challenges early or document your current hearing for future comparison. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. We are here to help and educate you,” said Erin.​