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June 1, 2022
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June 1, 2022

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As an interventional pain practice that relieves pain in a non-surgical manner and without the use of habit-forming drugs, the philosophy at Headache & Pain Center is treating pain through opioid-free options and minimally invasive procedures. Patients are treated through various methods including healing injections, neutralization of nerves, freezing of nerves, and electrical stimulation of nerves. 

Taking an individualized approach to caring for patients, Dr. Ponder and his staff begin with a thorough examination of what may have led to the pain, and a determination of what factors may be contributing to worsening the pain. The center’s ultimate goal is to help people to return to normalcy and beloved activities that may have been hindered by struggles with pain.

“We get to improve those areas of their lives where the pain was limiting their lifestyle. For instance, if someone enjoys gardening, and they can’t do this activity because of the pain that they’re experiencing…when we’re able to relieve that pain, we can return some of that ability,” Dr. Ponder says.  

Caring about each individual, and their unique situation makes The Headache & Pain Center stand out according to Mimi Wilson, Licensed Occupational Therapist and Physician’s Assistant. “By listening to each patient, and trying different treatments, until one is found to restore their individual activities, is how we treat each patient,” Mimi explains.

Dr. Ponder explains that the staff at The Headache & Pain Center makes the center unique, “We do things a little bit old fashioned,” Dr. Ponder shared. “We still answer the phone when people call. We’re not looking at a computer screen when we see our patients, we’re talking directly to them.” Nurse Practitioner Paige Pipsair shares, “I enjoy listening to patient’s stories and learning about them because I think it helps me to provide more personal care. I strive to treat all of my patients as I would want my family members to be treated within the healthcare system.”

Proud to offer several minimally invasive outpatient treatment options such as Vertiflex or Kyphoplasty. The Vertiflex procedure is utilized for patients suffering from spinal stenosis. Kyphoplasty is used to treat a spinal compression fracture that could have been caused by osteoporosis or cancer.  

With technology at their fingertips, Dr. Ponder and his staff still enjoy personal relationships, and conversations with patients. Visit the Headache & Pain Center family, and allow them to help you live a pain free life, and get back to your normal daily activities    as quickly as possible.