What’s Up, Doc? | South Louisiana Medical Associates

What’s Up, Doc? | CIS Leg & Vein Center
June 1, 2022
What’s Up, Doc? | Duke Neal Medical
June 1, 2022

South Louisiana Medical Associates (SLMA) offers an array of services and has recently expanded to not only include training and a medical graduate residence, but also direct patient care outside of the education system. The medical association was formed in 1978 with a public mission that includes training residents in all major specialties. SLMA continues to employ more than 100 medical providers at a host of locations and believes in personalized attention with patients as the main focus. They offer more than 28 specialties including Primary Adult and Pediatric Services, Cardiology, Neurology, Women’s Care, Opthalmology, and more.

SLMA is not only at Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center, it has expanded its footprint into Houma, Thibodaux, and Morgan City where they offer open clinics to deliver medical care in areas where there is an increasing need.

Chief Executive Officer & President at South Louisiana Medical Associates Dr. Michael Garcia said the main goal is to maintain their mission, “We aim to maintain our mission which is to offer graduate medical education, train medical students, and medical residents to be doctors for our community, our parish, and the region, while also taking care of the underserved and underinsured patients. That mission has not changed.”

Dr. Garcia said he witnesses the mission statement being accomplished every day.  He noted that Louisiana Insurance has recently shifted to exceeding 50 percent in government payer, Medicaid and Medicare, meaning fewer people are on commercial insurance,” The fact that we are able to survive as an organization giving that payer mix has shifted so drastically is a telltale sign that it’s working.” 

SLMA’s dedication doesn’t stop in the clinics, as many of the healthcare providers, specialists, and staff volunteer their time and energy to support charitable services and organizations in the community. 

“People are at the center of everything we do. Our goal is to offer the highest standard of healthcare and patient support, making the process of finding the best care as easy and convenient as possible,” said Dr. Garcia.

“We are grateful to be part of the community and are privileged to care for its residents, our extended family, each and every day.”