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This Saturday morning (July 20) in Downtown Houma — behind the Houma Elks Lodge No. 1193 — over 300 rubber ducks will race each other along Bayou Terrebonne in fun, exciting competitions that benefit the Terrebonne Churches United Food Bank. 

“All of the proceeds — the food sales, the snowball sales, everything —  is going to directly to the food bank,” said Dr. Brenda Babin. “Now with the hurricane, it's even more important because they are giving out extra food because of people who lost during the hurricane.”

Registration for the Duck Derby, which is hosted by the HoumaElks Lodge, will take place at 9 a.m. the day of the races. Attendees can choose to rent a duck for $5 or buy a duck (that the purchaser can take home) for $8. 

The day’s games begin at 10 a.m. with the “door prize” races. For these races, in which winners have to be present, participants’ registered ducks will compete for door prizes donated by local businesses such as Earl Williams, Downtown Jeaux and DK Craft Supply. 

For the grand finale, that will start at approximately 11 a.m., all of the ducks — for individuals who are present, or who registered beforehand that are not in attendance — will be unleashed in Bayou Terrebonne, competing for a $500 check for their owners. All of the rubber ducks and prize money were sponsored by Dr. Brenda Leroux Babin for Senate.  

The event will also have kid’s duck races in a small pool; music provided by DJ Tiny; food and drinks for sell such as hotdogs, burgers, snowballs and special rubber ducky lemonade; and information booths by various local organizations. 

To pre-register for the event or learn about their sponsorships, visit

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