Recreational Red Snapper Season to Close on July 7 and Reopen on July 12 as a Weekends-only Season

TLCD announces flood gate closures ahead of T.S. Beryl
July 6, 2024
Free Junior Angler Workshops coming to LPPL
July 6, 2024
TLCD announces flood gate closures ahead of T.S. Beryl
July 6, 2024
Free Junior Angler Workshops coming to LPPL
July 6, 2024

To provide ample fishing opportunity for anglers throughout the summer months and into Labor Day, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Secretary Madison Sheahan signed a declaration of emergency to close the recreational Red Snapper season in state and federal waters off Louisiana at 11:59 p.m. on July 7, 2024, until 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 12, 2024.

When the season reopens on July 12, it will reopen as a weekends-only season (weekends are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, including the Monday of Labor Day) until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, September 2, 2024, at which time it will close until further notice. Daily creel (four per person) and size limits (16 inches minimum total length) will remain as previously established.  LA Creel data indicates that harvest rates of Red Snapper were greater than anticipated and a season modification was necessary in order to maximize the season for anglers.

“LDWF’s ability to actively manage Red Snapper allows us to quickly adjust the season to continue providing quality fishing opportunities to anglers throughout the summer,” said LDWF Assistant Secretary of Fisheries Ryan Montegut. “The season modification shows the flexibility that state management provides to Louisiana, something that all other gulf states do not have the luxury of. By transitioning to weekends only, we expect to see Red Snapper season continued well into August and likely past Labor Day.”

The latest private recreational Red Snapper landing estimates through June 16, 2024, indicate that 513,444 pounds, or 54.9% percent, of Louisiana’s 2024 annual private recreational allocation of 934,587 pounds have been harvested during the 2024 Red Snapper season between April 15 and June 16.

The private recreational Red Snapper season previously opened early than usual on Monday, April 15, in both state and federal waters, as a daily season with a bag limit of four fish per person and a 16-inch minimum size limit. With the July 7 closure, the season will have been open for 12 consecutive weeks, providing Louisiana anglers with 84 days of uninterrupted fishing access. Additional fishing opportunities will be allowed during the weekends-only season beginning on July 12 until further notice.

For more information on the 2024 Red Snapper season and detailed landing estimates, visit

Resident and Non-Resident Recreational Anglers:

  • Must possess valid Louisiana basic and Saltwater Recreational Fishing Licenses and a Recreational Offshore Landing Permit(no cost) to fish for or possess Red Snapper and other offshore and reef fish species.
  • Anglers get a ROLP via the ROLP website
  • Once anglers have registered, they can save an electronic copy on their mobile device or print a copy of the ROLP indicating their valid ROLP and carry it on their person along with applicable licenses while fishing offshore.

State For-Hire Charter Vessels: 

  • State for-hire charter captains (those who do not have a federal Gulf of Mexico charter/headboat permit for reef fish) are not allowed to fish in federal waters.
  • Must also possess a ROLP (no cost) to fish for or possess Red Snapper, as well as other offshore and reef fish species.
  • May only fish for Red Snapper in state waters (within the 9 nautical miles state water boundary), when the Louisiana recreational Red Snapper season is open.

Federal For-Hire Charter Vessels: 

  • Vessels with federal reef fish for-hire permits will remain under federal regulations and may only fish in federal waters during the federal season, which will open June 1.
  • If a federal for-hire charter captain also holds a Louisiana charter license, he/she may also fish state waters, but only when the federal for-hire charter season overlaps with the Louisiana season. When the federal for-hire season closes, the federal for-hire captain may not fish state waters.

LDWF encourages anglers to reduce barotrauma while fishing for Red Snapper and other reef fish by using descending devices to return fish to a survivable depth before being released. Please see the LDWF website at for more information. Federal regulations require that anglers have a descending device or venting tool rigged and ready for use while fishing for reef fish in federal waters.