Rediscover Downtown Thibodaux

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July 13, 2021
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July 13, 2021

Downtown Thibodaux is known for its local community and bustling energy. The area has been revitalized and taking strides to bring life back to the area. Thibodaux Main Street, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the revitalization and promotion of Historic Downtown Thibodaux. They are an economic development program with a foundation in historic preservation.


The organization’s Executive Director, Dannielle Stein, said she is dedicated to growing downtown to its full potential. “Downtown Thibodaux is the heart of our City, the roots of the community we know and love today, and as such, should be nurtured.” 


One of the most recent additions to the area has been a vibrant mural located on W 3rd Street adjacent to Fremin’s Restaurant.  It was designed and installed by Purple Penguin Art Company and sponsored by the City of Thibodaux and Entergy. The mural has gained the attention of patrons and visitors and adds to the diversity downtown. Many ‘selfies’ and photos strew across social media accounts attracting even more people to the downtown area.


Main Street Thibodaux is taking strides to get people to the downtown area to experience the rich culture that lives there. They work to promote current business and also to help restore historic property to help get the vacant buildings back to working order to become either commercial or residential property which in turn creates jobs and creates tax revenue. 


Stein said the area, like many, has seen a shift due to COVID. Not only have the small businesses adapted to the overnight lockdown in March 2020, but they have since then taken every step to keep business alive while maintaining high-quality customer service.


It is a great time to rediscover Downtown Thibodaux with returning events and family-friendly activities. This Friday, July 16, will be the Mid-Summer Market from 5-8 p.m. The event will be a chance for the public to visit their favorite stores, restaurants, and more during extended hours throughout historic downtown Thibodaux.


Fall will see the return of the Fall Arts Walk, Big Boy’s Main Street Cook-Off, Monsters on Main, and the Thibodeauxville Fall Festival. Stein said people ask how they can get involved downtown and said they always accept volunteerism and value the community’s input on ideas for projects and revitalizing downtown. For updates on upcoming events or to get involved, visit or call (985) 413-9886.