The Stars and Stripes have represented our country since 1777, when the Continental Congress passed an act establishing an official flag for our new nation. The flag was to have 13 stripes, alternating in red and white; the union would have 13 stars of white in a blue field. 

Between 1777 and 1960, Congress passed multiple acts that led to the creation of the flag we fly today, representing our 13 original colonies and the 50 states of today’s Union. The colors of our flag are symbolic too: red symbolizes valor; white symbolizes purity; and blue represents justice.  

The flag should be flown on certain days, designated by the U.S. Flag Code. The Rotary Club of Houma helps make it easier for you to follow the Code and fly our flag on the following days through their American Flag Fundraiser:

  • Presidents’ Day – February 
  • Memorial Day – May 
  • Flag Day – June 14
  • Independence Day – July 4
  • Patriots’ Day – Sept. 11
  • Veterans’ Day – Nov. 11

“This fundraiser helps our club to set aside funding for projects specially aimed to help our local veterans,” said Rotarian David Ohlmeyer. “The flag represents our veterans and their service to our country.” 

In observance of these holidays, Rotary Club representatives will install a flag in front of your home or business to remain for 1-3 days. The flag is 3’ x 5’, displayed on a 10-foot pole. As part of their club fundraiser, the cost is $100 per year, which includes six holidays. Locals can sign-up at any time. Interested individuals can contact Pete Benoit at 985-873-7776 to sign-up. •

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