Stroll Historic Streets and browse Local Boutiques and Vendors at the Midsummer Market in Downtown Thibodaux

Lance Verdin
July 8, 2021
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July 8, 2021

 The Midsummer Market will take place in Downtown Thibodaux on Friday, July 16, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 


Thus, stroll the historic streets of downtown amidst a Summer’s Eve that is enchanted by a vintage backdrop.  While exploring, browse boutiques opened with extended hours, discover hidden restaurants that charm the palate, and tour throughout vendors that will dot some of the sidewalks.    


“The purpose of this event is partly put on by the downtown businesses. We’re not really taking lead on it. We’re having it the weekend of the Manning Passing Academy to give folks something else to do while they are in Thibodaux. We like to keep those local tax dollars right here in Thibodaux as much as we can. They’re going to want to eat; they’re going to want to shop and find things to do. The businesses are going to be open later that Friday. So, hopefully, people come out, spend some money here, and see what downtown has to offer. They have a lot of repeat customers that go back to Manning Passing every year, so we like to let them know we’re here and we’re open. That goes with trying to promote that Lafourche Parish is open again, and we’re ready for people to start traveling…Come to Lafourche Parish,” stated Danielle Stein, Executive Director of the Downtown Thibodaux Main Street Incorporation.


Stein is hoping this event will draw in regulars and new shoppers/diners to experience the delight that Thibodaux has to offer. She encourages the exploration of this intimate event to build a relationship with the downtown area.  


“We always try to encourage people to come shop and eat downtown. Sometimes people’s work schedules may not coincide with business hours of some of our retailers and such, so it’s a good opportunity for people to come downtown while some of these retailers are open for extended hours. Maybe walk around and go to some of the places they’ve never visited before and hopefully that will bring them back for future visits,” Stein stated.


“There may be some vendors scattered here and about on the sidewalks,” she added.


The Midsummer Market will be full of personable personalities, welcoming everyone to enjoy a cozy evening amidst the classic city. 


“It seems like all the restrictions have been lifted as far as crowd size, and there’s no more restrictions on the inside spaces for our restaurants and retailers. So, we feel more comfortable to start having these events again,” Stein ended. 


Since restrictions have been lifted, roam Downtown Thibodaux and find gems under the setting sun. 

Interested vendors contact: