Thibodaux Nominated by USA Today for Best Small Town Food Scene in America

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October 5, 2021
Susan Chaisson Ellender
October 5, 2021

Photo courtesy of Louisiana's Cajun Bayou

Thibodaux has been nominated for the 2021 10 Best Reader’s Choice Travel Awards for the category of Best Small Town Food Scene. An expert panel from USA Today has selected Thibodaux as a contender for Best Small Town Food Scene. The contest gives the public until October 25th to cast their votes.


The panel, consisting of ten experts, visited Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou and sampled the delicious cuisine and everything that goes along with our Southern hospitality. In 2020, Thibodaux was nominated by USA Today and came out third. This year, Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou Visitor Center’s President & CEO Cody Gray said they’re hopeful for that number one spot. They were excited when they found out Thibodaux was nominated once again.


“It couldn’t come at a better time,” Gray said, “as much as we been through with COVID-19 pandemic and all of the challenges and difficulties that we are faced with Hurricane Ida, I think this is something positive that the community can rally behind.” He said they are grateful that others outside of the area are recognizing the Cajun Bayou for the authentic culinary scene that Thibodaux has.


Gray said they work with a lot of travel writers and journalists that come to the area for the first time to experience what we have to offer. The best part, he said, was their reaction when they have cajun cooking for the first time. He said, “It’s always such a joy to see someone who has never visited Lafourche Parish and the Cajun Bayou, that’s never gone to these restaurants before and hasn’t had the authentic cajun food we have down here. You see their face just light up.” He said it’s very rewarding to see and that it’s what their job is here for– to promote and drive business to the area’s restaurants and attractions. 


Supporting locals has never been more important than now. Gray said restaurants specifically have gone through many hurdles in the past two years and it’s incredibly important for locals and those in driving distance to support the small-owned businesses so they stay around for future generations. Many chefs in restaurants in the area have been cooking the recipes and serving delicious food for generations. Those recipes have been handed down for generations, and for that to continue, it takes everyone’s support.


Voting is open until Oct. 25 and you can vote once a day at Gray said they tell visitors all the time that you don’t come to the area just to visit, you come here for a full dining experience. He said,” I think it’s important for everyone outside of our parish and even outside of Louisiana to recognize what South Louisiana has to contribute and what it has to offer…So, keep voting, help us achieve that number one spot because we know that our food scene here in Thibodaux, in Lafourche Parish, is something special”