TPC commends Regional Military Museum for their Hometown Heroes Banner Program

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September 15, 2023
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September 15, 2023

Photo via Facebook (Councilwoman Jessica Domangue)

At their regular council meeting on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, the Terrebonne Parish Council issued a commendation to the Regional Military Museum for implementing their new “Hometown Heroes” Banner Program. Read the full commendation below:

Commending the “Hometown Heroes” Banner Program for its efforts toward highlighting and honoring local military heroes: As read by Councilman Daniel Babin: “Whereas, the “Hometown Heroes” Banner Program recently began honoring six local heroes for their military service by placing banners dedicated to them along Barrow Street; and whereas, the “Hometown Heroes” Banner Program provides an opportunity for military veterans and their families to be honored year-round via banners bearing their picture, name, and years of service; and whereas, the “Hometown Heroes” Banner Program was established as a collaborative effort between the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government, the Regional Military Museum Foundation, and American Veteran Advocacy & Vets United to bring awareness to local heroes; and whereas, the “Hometown Heroes” Banner Program is one of many programs dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating those who have served bravely in the protection and promotion of their communities and nation. Now, therefore be it resolved by the Terrebonne Parish Council, on behalf of Parish President Gordon E. Dove and the entire Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government, that the “Hometown Heroes” Banner Program be commended for its efforts towards highlighting and honoring the local military heroes of all Terrebonne Parish.”

The commendation was accepted by Mr. Will Theriot, President of the Board of Directors for the Regional Military Museum. “I want to commend the Parish for all their help, as well as Mr. Johnny Smith, who was the leader in creating this program,” began Theriot. “We have six banners up already, as well as six applications for the next banners going up, and we hope that one day our street will be hometown hero alley. Thank you all so much.”

The Regional Military Museum is now accepting applications for their banners. For more information about requirements to apply, details about the program, and how to submit your application, please click here.