Crossfit HomeBrew to host 6 week Fitness and Nutrition Program

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December 27, 2021
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December 27, 2021

With Christmas behind us, and the New Year less than a week away, many are setting their goals for 2022. If your New Year’s resolution is centered around fitness and lifestyle changes, Crossfit HomeBrew Fitness wants to help you achieve your goal! The organization will begin hosting its six-week fitness and nutrition program on Saturday, Jan. 8,  at CrossFit HomeBrew located at 184 Alliance Ct.

The six-week fitness program was designed with “U” in mind, developed to educate and provide all of the tools necessary to build a healthier mindset and lifestyle.

The fitness bootcamp will include the following components:

•3 workouts a week at the gym.

•2 at-home workouts per week with additional work 6 days a week

•Nutritional education and support

•Community support

•A coach at every gym workout


The 6-week fitness program will begin with a Test Workout Day, trainers will take before pictures and measurements. Trainees will meet three times a week, and will be provided with home workout routines as well. Crossfit HomeBrew Co-owner and Manager Monique Dehart, said the purpose of the program is to focus on fitness, but diet and nutrition as well.

“Besides fitness and getting people to workout, we want this to be more than a 6-week thing, we want it to be a complete lifestyle change,” said Dehart. “We have a registered dietitian who is also a coach on our staff, she’ll get information from campers and give them custom nutrition advice.”

“We’ll help campers focus on not only fitness, but nutrition and how to eat properly. So at the end we’re gonna repeat the same process, we’ll take the after pictures and measurements,” Dehart added. “We try not to focus so much on how many inches they lost, we wanna focus on how much further they can come in that workout.”

“If in the first week they can only do 10 push-ups in a minute, and by the end of the 6 weeks they can do 15-20 that is amazing progress, and that is what we try to focus on,” Dehart added.

A winner will be announced on the final day of the fitness boot camp, receiving a prize bag and a discounted membership rate.

“The bootcamp will hopefully  encourage them to cross over to our Crossfit Gym, bootcampers will get a special rate for the first three months of their gym membership, so there are some perks to joining the bootcamp.” Dehart added.

Registration for the boot camp is $50, and the deadline to reserve a spot is Friday, Dec. 31. There is a $200 fee for the 6 week camp that is due on Jan. 8.

To reserve a spot for the fitness bootcamp, please contact Crossfit HomeBrew at (985) 273-0241 or visit their Facebook.