Terrebonne General Registered Dietitian Michelle Briceno Achieves Board Certification in Obesity and Weight Management

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December 19, 2022
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December 19, 2022

Terrebonne General Health System Registered Dietitian Michelle Briceno recently achieved Board Certification in Obesity and Weight Management. Briceno is only one of three practitioners in Louisiana to hold this board certification and the only board-certified dietitian in the tri-parish area. She works with the area physicians to assist their pediatric and adult patients with weight management. With Briceno’s comprehensive knowledge and expertise, patients will walk away educated and empowered to understand and manage their weight and the associated risks of being overweight or obese.


Briceno obtained this certification by maintaining her Registered Dietitian credentials for a minimum of two years by the time of application, documentation of 2,000 hours of specialty practice experience in obesity and weight management while holding the Registered Dietitian credential within the past five years, and passing an examination. Briceno has been a Registered Dietitian with the Terrebonne General Weight Management Clinic for almost seven years.


Board Certified Specialists in Obesity and Weight Management (CSOWM) are health professionals who educate, support, and advocate for patients and clients to understand and manage their weight and associated risks through nutritional, behavioral health, medical, surgical, pharmacotherapeutic, and exercise and physical activity interventions.


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