2022 City of Thibodaux Mardi Gras Parade Routes And Safety Tips

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January 11, 2022
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January 11, 2022
Terrebonne General Updates Visitor Policy
January 11, 2022
Terrebonne Parish Council Committees Give COVID and Housing Updates
January 11, 2022

As we prepare for the 2022 Mardi Gras, Thibodaux Chief of Police Bryan Zeringue has some important information to share with our community partners about this year’s Mardi Gras parades.

Krewe of Shaka – 2-20-22 @ 12:30 PM

Krewe of Ambrosia – 2-20-22 @ 2:00 PM

Krewe of Cleophas – 2-27-22 @ 12:30 PM

Krewe of Chronos – 2-27-22 @ Immediately Following Cleophas

Krewe of Ghana – 3-1-22 @ 1:00 PM

The Krewe’s of Shaka, Ambrosia, Cleophas & Chronos will all start and end at Nicholls State University. Parades will start on Audubon Ave. at Afton St. proceeding north. Turn left onto Menard St. headed west. Turn right onto Canal Blvd. headed north until W.2nd St., then turn left onto W.2nd St. Proceed onto La.1 to Jackson St. South on Jackson St. merging into Canal Blvd. U-turn at the first intersection with Canal Blvd. headed back north on Canal Blvd. Turn right onto Gerald T. Peltier. Turn left onto Bayou Ln. headed north, then right on Menard. Turn right on Audubon to finish at NSU.


The Krewe of Ghana will start on Iris St. west to Rock St. Turn left on Rock St., then right on School St. School St. to Canal Blvd., then right and immediately onto St. Charles St. headed north. Turn left on Menard St. to Canal Blvd. then right up to W.2nd St. Turn left on W.2nd St. headed west to La. 1. La 1. To Jackson St., then left south on Jackson St. U-turn at the intersection of Jackson St. and Canal Blvd. headed north. Turn right on Gerald T. Peltier, headed east until end at Goode St. (the city barn).



Like years past, Peltier Park will be open and the public is highly encouraged to take advantage of this area. We would like to remind our community partners that campers will be limited to parking lots only on Peltier Park Property/Grounds. In addition, glass containers will not be allowed on any City Property along the parade route, including Peltier Park and all City Property that boards it.

We would like to remind our community partners to only park in designated areas throughout the route. There will be marked “NO PARKING” signs displayed along the entire route. We also ask all parade goers to lock their vehicles and remove all valuables when leaving their vehicle unattended.

We remind parents and adults to monitor their children closely. If something falls short of the barricade, do not put a child or yourself over the barricade to try to approach a moving float.

The Thibodaux Police Department will be assisted by other Law Enforcement Agencies during this Mardi Gras season, to help with logistical and safety measures. If alcohol is in your plans, please be sure to designate someone who is sober to be the designated driver. With assistance from numerous outside Agencies, Chief Bryan Zeringue assures the public that we will be utilizing every asset available to cover traffic points, bicycle patrol and floating perimeter units.

Underage drinking will be strictly enforced along the route and at the after parties. Remember, glass containers are prohibited along the parade route and on all City Streets and City right-of-ways.

Pedestrians will be allowed to gather on the median of Canal Boulevard, but no vehicles will be allowed to be parked there. No vendors will be allowed on City Streets and City right-of-ways. The Canal Bingo Hall parking lot will be closed and barricaded to prohibit parking, loitering and/or gathering of pedestrians.

Safety Tips:

  • DON’T park along the posted routes, in front of driveways, fire hydrants, or anywhere you would not normally be allowed to park. And be sure to lock your vehicle!
  • Keep your children close, and don’t let them wander off. Be sure that they know to stay behind the parade barricades.
  • Remember, the Neutral Ground (median) is public property, and it is illegal to block off areas for private use.
  • Glass containers are prohibited along parade routes.
  • Don’t ever try to rush out into the middle of the parade route to grab beads.
  • Travel together, communicate where you are going, and try to designate a meeting spot with friends and family.

Chief Zeringue encourages all parade goers to enjoy the festivities, but utilize all safety precautions. Lock your vehicles and hide and/or remove valuables from plain view. Watch for pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists. Don’t let anyone who is impaired drive or walk alone.

Chief Zeringue and the Thibodaux Police Department wishes everyone a safe and Happy Mardi Gras Season!