Heartwarming: H.L. Bourgeois Percussionist teaches Kids drumming at Parade

School band members who march in Houma parades have to trek roughly five miles while hauling all of their instruments — in full uniform — and sometimes during grueling weather conditions.

Needless to say, they enjoy and value every break along the route.

However, H. L. Bourgeois percussionist Jayden Bradley took some time out of his rest period during the Krewe of Terreanians on Sunday to teach some nearby kids some skills he picked up along the way.

“I saw him with the sticks, and I’m like, ‘Why not teach him?’” Bradley remembered. “He looked like he really wanted to play the instrument. I thought I could give him some help, inspire him to do something.”

The 16-year-old drummer taught a boy who was playing on an ice chest during Sunday’s festivities, along with a few other kids along the route, some drum patterns. He even let them practice on his own drum.

“I’m very, very proud of him,” said Bradley’s mother, Georgianna Bradley.

Although his good deed from Sunday went viral, it was actually nothing new for Bradley, as he has been doing this since he was a freshman.

“I just love the aspect of inspiring people to do music,” said Bradley, who wants to earn a doctorate in percussion and become a music teacher. “It’s a very amazing art form that can express a lot of things in life.”

Watch the video, shot by Juliet Ann, of Bradley playing with the child by the ice chest.