51 Cadets Reach Goal of becoming Louisiana State Troopers

Fifty-one cadets of the 99th Cadet Class successfully completed their journey through the Louisiana State Police (LSP) Training Academy and are now state troopers, Louisiana State Police announced this morning. 

Sixty-one cadets started the Academy on August 25, 2019, but 51 completed the 23-week course, according to news release be LSP. 

Cadets received training in various subjects, including crash investigation, emergency vehicle operations, impaired driving detection, traffic incident management and leadership in addition to a rigorous physical training regimen during their time at the Academy, according to the release. 

“Surrounded by family, friends and fellow Troopers, 51 of those cadets reached their goal this morning of receiving the distinguished badge of the Louisiana State Police,” reads the release.

The following is a list of graduates and their Troop assignments:

Troop A – Baton Rouge: Adam Alford, Brandon Blackburn, Paul Davis III, Dylan Doucet, Tomas Quintero, Christian Reed, Garrett Yetman

Troop B – Kenner: Eric Alsup Jr., Joshua Brant, Benjamin Gex IV, Henry Kirsch, David Lowe, Skyler Rauch, Matthew Subervielle

Troop C – Gray: Mark Charpentier, Blaine Landry, Mackenzie McKee, Cody Sager

Troop D – Lake Charles: Chester Austin, Daniel Battise, Shawn Donahoe, Matthew Gaspard, Brandon Jinks, Jason Lavender

Troop E – Alexandria: Caleb Gammel, Justin Jenkins, Cody McNeal, Jacelynn Sauce, Travis Williams

Troop F – Monroe: Justin Brazzel, Phillip Butcher Jr., Jacob Hale, Joshua May, James Pelley, Jordan Walsworth

Troop G – Bossier City: Daniel Albrecht, Nicholas Rowell, Cody Roy, Jonathan Smith

Troop I – Lafayette: Andrew Arton, Jordan Chapple, Peggy Jennings, Jameson Jordan, Chris Leger, Todd Rogers, Michael Starling

Troop L – Mandeville: Katherine Hanna, Jeffery Heriot, Andrew Hern, Lee Hunt, Freeman Ramsey II

The new trooper will deploy across the state, where they will participate in a 10-14 week field-training program while supervised by a veteran Louisiana State Trooper

For more information on the process of becoming a Louisiana State Trooper, visit the recruiting page: http://lsp.org/recruit.html, or contact your local LSP Public Information Officer at http://lsp.org/public.html

The Louisiana State Police Commission is currently accepting applications. For more information on cadet testing, visit the Louisiana State Police Commission website at http://laspc.dps.louisiana.gov/laspc.nsf.